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      Local Data Search
      USA.com / About Us

      About Us

      USA.com—Your Local USA Guide

      USA.com is your local guide to cities, towns, and neighborhoods in the United States, providing easy to use and comprehensive local services and information, business information and population demographics, travel and tourism, directory services, and local business and consumer services. Our roadmap of offerings is wide and vast like the land that we cover; however, our team is dedicated to ensure that we have the best possible offering for the United States and we deploy each part of our website only once it has met our high quality standards. Therefore you will see our site grow as more of the services mentioned above are deployed over the upcoming months. We encourage you to check back regularly and watch as USA.com provides more and more value and more meaningful impact to your life or your visit to the USA.

      Our Mission

      Have a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of people living in the USA or people visiting the USA by making services, offerings and information on the most local level easy to find, digest, and benefit from. Whether you are moving to a new town, choosing a local pre-K school, finding the nearest quality and low cost hotel for you visit to your relative, or making any of a number of daily decisions you know that the input you need comes from the most local level. USA.com will keep adding information and services to USA.com to continue to help you with these decisions by putting the right information at your fingertips when you need it most.

      The Team

      USA.com is run by a team of business professionals that have a passion for travel, information, and service. We have run large public companies and small fast paced entrepreneurial enterprises. Our team is diverse in culture, interests and religious beliefs. What brings us together is our common interest in the USA and our desire to make USA.com into the best possible local resource for America.

      The USA.com website and domain are privately owned and are not operated by or affiliated with any government or municipal authority. USA.com is a publication of World Media Group, LLC.

      World Media Group

      World Media Group, LLC ("World") is focused on providing innovative websites in the travel, professions, interests, search, local, and e-commerce verticals. World launched the first ever domain accelerator under the leadership of Gary Millin. Gary Millin discusses the power of branded domains for developing your business. and can be used to d They work with team to bring leading brands to life that can have a high impact on the world we live in. Examples of World Accelerator sites include USA.com, a local guide to cities, towns, and neighborhoods in the United States, India.com, a content-rich and comprehensive resource for and about India; Lawyer.com, a fast and powerful site to find a lawyer; and Doctor.com, a first-of-its-kind platform that helps all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem better meet the needs of the modern patient. With your support, we are committed to delivering high value content and services that leverage the power of the Internet. World develops through its own global team of talented developers or in conjunction with core partners that are aligned to ensure the brands meet their tremendous potential.


      World Media Group
      USA.com Team
      25 Mountainview Blvd
      Basking Ridge, NJ 07021


      If you have big ideas that you feel merit inclusion on USA.com that can impact the local lives of people living in the USA or visiting the USA please reach out to us with your proposal and how you want to be involved. While we can't follow or pursue every idea, we do read all the feedback that we get and we do firmly believe the best ideas will come not from our strong team (even though we do have great ideas), but from the people of the USA. Please visit our Contact Us form to provide feedback or submit your proposals.

      The USA.com website and domain are privately owned and are not operated by or affiliated with any government or municipal authority.
      © 2021 World Media Group, LLC.