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      District of Columbia Weather

      Hot District of Columbia Rankings
      Fastest / Slowest Growing Cities in DC
      High / Low DC Cities by Males Employed
      High / Low DC Cities by Females Employed
      Richest / Poorest Cities by Income in DC
      Expensive / Cheapest Homes by City in DC
      Most / Least Educated Cities in DC

      The average temperature of District of Columbia is 54.73°F, which is about the same as the national average temperature of $54.45°F.

      Topics:Heating Cost IndexCooling Cost IndexHistorical TemperatureHistorical PrecipitationHistorical SnowHistorical HumidityHistorical Wind Speed

      Historical Weather

      Heating Cost Index, #20

      District of Columbia

      Cooling Cost Index, #27

      District of Columbia

      The Heating Cost Index and the Cooling Cost Index are indicators of the relative heating and cooling cost of an area. They were calculated based on the average temperate and duration of the hot and cold days for the area. Please note, the actual heating cost and cooling cost are also dependent on other factors specific to individual residences such as the size of the house, the insulation condition, and the equipment efficiency, etc.

      Average Temperature

      Annual Average Temperature, #18
      District of Columbia
      54.7 °F
      54.5 °F

      Ranks: Average Max. Temperature: #22, Average Min. Temperature: #15


      Average Annual Precipitation, #27
      District of Columbia
      42.17 inches
      38.67 inches

      Average Number of Days with 0.1 Inch or More Precipitation in a Year (this gives an indication of the number of days in a year that it is useful to have an umbrella), #16
      District of Columbia
      75.91 days
      66.51 days


      Average Annual Snowfall, #30
      District of Columbia
      17.61 inches
      23.27 inches

      Average Number of Days with 1 Inch or More Snow Depth in a Year, #28
      District of Columbia
      16.64 days
      27.17 days


      Annual Average Humidity, #24
      District of Columbia

      Wind Speed

      Annual Average Wind Speed, #1
      District of Columbia
      31.44 mph
      16.93 mph

      * The temperature, snow fall, and precipitation information on this page were calculated from the historical data of 18,000+ U.S weather stations for the period of time from 1980 to 2010. The humidity and wind speed information were calculated from data from 15,000 worldwide stations for the period of time from 1980 to 2010.

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