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      USA.com / Email Service Alert

      USA.com Email Service Alert

      @USA.com email services are not owned or provided by our company and are not affiliated with the local guide services we provide at the website www.futurearn.com.

      Mail.com, a 1&1 United Internet company, owns and provides a free web based email service for consumers using @USA.com. To learn more about their service or sign-up for a free email service using your-name@USA.com visit Mail.com.

      The email service provided by Mail.com using @USA.com is a free email service. We have received positive feedback from many users that really enjoy this personalized email offering. Please note that while most people will benefit from the service, there are some people that are prone to abuse. Mail.com has strict anti-spam and fraud policies and we work closely with law enforcement to pursue parties that abuse the service. If you have a complaint to submit against someone for abuse of an email address @USA.com, you can submit your complaint via their online form and it will be reviewed promptly.

      Scam Warning!

      Recently we have seen a fraudulent scam using an email address @USA.com where a party acts as the US Immigration Service and requests funds via Western Union. We have requested that Mail.com terminate several such email addresses at USA.com and we have reported the scam to the authorities. If you see such a scam please notify us and or Mail.com and also we suggest that you reach out to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), which is a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center to further report this fraudulent activity.

      The USA.com website and domain are privately owned and are not operated by or affiliated with any government or municipal authority.
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